COMING SOON: The world has radically changed in recent decades yet outmoded leadership models persist in our healthcare institutions. This harms providers, disempowers patients, and impedes integrated care.

This book has 4 parts:
Understanding how hierarchies that influence our healthcare systems originated through stories and popular culture.
The harm being done by this model and why it endures despite radical shifts in our society.
A consideration of Collective Medicine as a new way of approaching organization in health care systems.
Techniques for implementing Collective Medicine in practice.

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    Collective Medicine and Collective Leadership help us understand the origins of hierarchies in systems and workplaces. Stories and popular culture reveal the history of how these hierarchies came to be, why they are no longer necessary, and how to better serve people today.

    Ideas about leadership and practice that are responsive to the radical changes in our culture reveal an opportunity for greater collaboration and better health and well-being for both patients and their health care providers.